Our students participated in the University Zonal Level Sports Meet at Tirunelveli and won the overall Champion II award. Then they participated in the University State level sports meet at Trichy and won overall Champion II award.


Our students participated in the University zonal level sports meet at tirunelveli and won the overall champion I award. Then they participated in the university state level sports meet at Chennai and won overall champion II award.

Citizenship Training Camp

Citizenship Training Camp is designed to give students insight into the ethical values and principles that underlie good citizenship, including integrity, responsibility, and respect or constituted authority. It stresses the development of leadership potential with the attendant skills to live and work cooperatively with others. Student teachers can also refine the skills of logical thinking. Student teachers participate in physical training and learn the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health. They also learn about the educational and vocational opportunities. The Citizenship Training Camp program teaches the student teaches first to be a good follower and then to be an effective leader. Students are provided with leadership skills training opportunities on a daily basis, these opportunities and the resultant responsibilities increase as the student progresses through their further development.

Counseling Unit

Our college is also having provisions for counseling and placement services. In order to develop their personality and communication skills seminars and discussions are held by the resource persons. Pre-martial counseling is also given to our students by the counseling cell of the Women's Fellowship of Thoothukudi – Nazareth diocese. Career information services are also available in our college.

Community service

Community service programmes are also organized to help the trainees to develop the social values. The students also visit St.Luke's leprosium at Peikulam as a part of the community service.

Club activities

Subject clubs are organized. Various competitions are held to develop sprit and co-operation among the trainees & to train them in the Leadership Quality.

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