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Our Motto is "Excellence in education"

The College is intended to provide the best professional preparation. The duration of the B.Ed course is one year. The college presently offers the following courses in the B.Ed. Course.

Pedagogy Subjects

  • English
  • Physical Science
  • Bio-science
  • History
  • Mathematics

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates with a minimum of the following marks in the Bachelor's Degree are eligible for admission to the course.

Community/Category Minimum Marks
OC 50%
BC 45%
SC/ST 40%

Student Profile

Programme B.Ed.,
No. of Male Students 0
No. of Female Students 35
No. of students enrolled in SC Category 3
No. of Students enrolled in ST Category 1
No. of Students enrolled in OBC Category 30
No. of Students enrolled in unreserved Category 1
No. of students under Management Quota 35
No. of students under Differently abled Category 0
No. of students under Open Quota 0
Total Students in Programme 35


Name Designation Qualification with Class obtained
starting from the highest Degree
Teaching Experience Date of Joining Mobile No. E-mail Profile Detail
Dr.(Mrs). P. Jebaselvi Arputhaseeli
Principal cum Asst prof. in Bio Science M.Phil - (Zoo)
M.Sc- (Zoo)
SLET - 2001 (Zoo)
Ph.D., - Education
16 YEARS 2 Months 04.09.2000 +91 94422 12186 Profile Link
Name of the faculty member with stamp size photo Designation Qualification with Class obtained
starting from the highest Degree
Teaching Experience Date of Birth & Age Date of Joining the Present Post Profile Detail
Mrs. A.D. Jeyanthy Victoria Asst. Prof. in Education M.Phil Edn.,(Eco), M.Phil Edu., M.Ed., M.A., 10 years 2 months   09-09-2006 Profile Link
Mrs. A. Raechel Jasmin Asst. Prof. in Phy-Science M.Phil (Edn)- (Education)
M.Phil (Phy)-
M.Sc- (Physics)
10 years 1 months   07-08-2006 Profile Link
Mrs.A. Megala Asst. Prof. in English M.Phil., (Eng.,)
M.A- (Eng.)
M.Ed., - (Education)
04years 2 months   10-09-2012 Profile Link
Mrs.A. Jasmine Stella Mary Asst. Prof. in Mathematics M.Phil - (Maths)
M.Sc., (Maths)
      Profile Link
Mrs. Arulmathy Tamilselvi Arts and Crafts Instructress TTC., (Sewing)
Needle work and Dress making
Free Hand Outline Model Drawing
10 years 4 months   05-07-2006  
Mrs. P. Vasanthi Thayanithi Librarian M.Phil., (Lib., Sci)
NET/UGC 1993
13years 2 months   05.09.2003  
Dr.(Mrs). Jemil Priskilal J. Director of Physical Education M.Phil., (phy. Edu)
Ph.D., (phy. Edu)
05years 10months   11.01.2011  
Mrs. Usharani Assistant (SG) M.A., DCA
Type Writting - Both Hr.
25years 2months   19-09-1991  
Mrs.P. Jebaleela Record Clerk M.A., DCA
Type Writting - English (Hr.), Tamil(Lower)
24years 2months   07-09-1992  
Mrs. S. Jasmine Sheffa Jeyamary Computer Assistant D.M.E., PGDCA., 6years 8months   03-05-2010  
Mr. Immanuel Office Assistant B.A., Tamil 6months   05-05-2016  
Mr. T. Selvakumar Jebaseelan Watchman          
Mrs. Esaikiammal Sweeper          


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The strength of the relationships formed here can be maintained through our active and vibrant alumni community bringing you social benefits. If you think your studies have made a difference to your career too, we hope you will stay in touch through the Rev.John Thomas College of Education Alumni Association. It's a great way to meet new people and old friends, while strengthening our expanding network of alumni and their relationship with the college. We invite all the former students to play an active volunteering role in supporting the college and the alumni community.

Become part of our exclusive network of education professionals. The benefits don't stop when you graduate, you can continue to make the most of the contacts, facilities and opportunities. Former students, staffs of the college are all members of the Alumni Association. We expect your involvement in helping this college's community to reach further heights as you all are a part of the Rev.John Thomas College of Education family.

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